Body Aqua
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Beverage with a Purpose

63 million Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water every day! In the U.S., a staggering 85% of the population has skin complications. 69% of adults and 32% of children from ages 2-12 are either overweight or obese. Our Health Water provides over 1000% of daily recommended vitamins and minerals, is diabetic friendly, has no caffeine, no coloring, no artificial flavorings, and target specific areas of the body like no other beverage. Body Aqua™ provides a proactive solution for improved health and enhanced beauty. Health is essential to the amount of water consumed on a daily basis. Body Aqua™ nourishes your skin and supports your fitness goals, all while naturally boosting your metabolism and revitalizing your skin (you body’s largest organ).

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Vitamin Packed Flavors

We provide the best beverage products in the universe, while utilizing natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals from around the world. We do this through the understanding of the poor conditioning of soil today; modern agriculture and technology supplies us with a surplus of just about any food we might desire, while still missing many of the nutritional value's listed and claiming to be healthy, Non-GMO, Organic, Natural and more. Take a look at our vitamin packed flavors below and compare our nutritional label to any other label and you will see that anything natural has calories and carbs. We provide Integrity, Flavor & Purpose in each bottle of Body Aqua. Modern technology enabled agricultural and aquacultural techniques may improve the quantity and variety of the foods and beverages available for our daily consumption, but, unfortunately, such labels as "Non-GMO," "organic," "all natural," and "pure" on those foods and beverages are often just that - labels.   We invite you to compare our Body Aqua™ nutritional label to that on any other beverage in our category.  We also invite you to compare the wonderful taste of Body Aqua™ to any other beverage in our category.  We think that you will be very pleased on both fronts, and that words like "flavorful," delicious," and "refreshing" will come to mind on the occasion of your very first sip!