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What is I Will Survive, Inc.? • A not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization with a mission to provide prevention education, economic support, and health & wellness to those at higher risk and those affected by breast cancer free of charge. • Values: Innovation, Wellness, and Sustainability. • Vision: To be the leading preventative breast cancer awareness and funding organization in the world. Imagine a world with health care equality for all with a holistic approach (physical, mental, spiritual, financial healing). • Three programs consist of Economic Support, Prevention Education, and Health & Wellness Services. • Founded in 2010 by combat veteran, Anisa Palmer.

How does it work? • Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, I Will Survive, Inc. works with disadvantage populations, who are often under-insured, to ensure higher survival rates. • In addition to providing educational awareness, I Will Survive, Inc. provides financial assistance to ensure individuals are able to get breast screenings, cover travel costs to health care facilities, get rent/mortgage paid, utilities paid, as well as other deemed necessities to help reduce stress. • IWS also puts on events to allow local community members to become involved and active in creating a healthier sustainable community to reduce generational poverty. New projects include Home Ownership, Youth Mentorship, and an APP development for access to quality care and resources to community members.

How are individuals selected for our programs? • Families in need of I Will Survive, Inc. services go though an application process in order to qualify for programs. • Survivors are typically single mothers in need with 2-3 dependents and currently range from 30 to 79 years. • Race, religion, sex, gender, national origin, background, or creeds are not a factor on who is helped by IWS.

Where does I Will Survive, Inc. operate? • In the metropolitan area of Georgia, which include 13 counties that are also annotated under the United Way of Greater Atlanta database. Virtual assistance is offered globally. Most referrals come from United Way 211, American Cancer Society, and Social Workers at hospitals. Health education workshops/events are held at the facility and in the community.

How can I contribute? • Tax-deductible donations can be made on the website, postal mail, square card swipe, check or cash to IWS. • Becoming a sponsor or community partner on the various sponsor levels can also be obtained. Recent supporters include Google, Home Advisor, Wells Fargo, The Fulton DeKalb Hospital Authority, Peach State Health Plan, and Delta Dental.

How are donations distributed and used? • Gifts designated to a specific program or project is allocated for that program or project. • Gifts are used where most needed or assigned by donor. Who controls and manages I Will Survive, Inc.? • IWS Board of Directors and an Executive Director manages the organization while the public owns it. • The organization is operated by an administrative staff, professional and support volunteers/interns/fellows.

How can I become a volunteer? • Keep alert on Volunteer Match and the LinkedIn page for volunteer opportunities or visit during business hours.

How can I get more information? • Visit • Contact us at 404-483-8503 or • Visit us Tuesday to Thursday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at 5879 New Peachtree Rd. Suite D, Atlanta, GA 30340, USA

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