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Divante “Dominator” Jones

is a 23 year old Augusta Native that has a perfect record since turning Pro in 2012. Divante Jones trains with Body Aqua Personal Fitness Beverage as he prepares for his professional fights in the Lightweight Division throughout the Southern Region. Body Aqua Fitness Beverage is helping this boxer gain a foothold in the boxing world with a 6-0 record, providing Divante the needed nutrients needed, not found in any other drinks, being loaded with Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, Riboflavin, Niacin, Agave and Vitamin C. This Nutrient enhanced beverage fuels Divante “Dominator” Jones during each work out, increasing metabolism, while having, no sodium, no artificial flavoring or coloring. This boxer realizes that you must only be daring to yourself, in the quest to perfection, while consuming body aqua personal fitness beverage to help maintain his state of FITNESS.


"Alvin After Dark"

A Talk Web TV Talk show, discussing entertainment, fashion, health and relationship. Alvin After Dark talk show provides entrepreneurs a platform to market the business they are promoting. This network gives each viewer a voice as citizens in society; making a difference.

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